Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yom Kippur with the Innkeeper

Host of hosts
Host with the most undeniable most.
Most holy Host.
It’s that time of the year,
Isn’t it?

Sin is so easy. Sin.
Why isn’t there a
Single word for Good Deed.
Like Sin?

You’ve certainly not kept
Your side of the bargain
(And a Jew bargains well, but
you know that)

I have failed miserably at mine.
Though I have reasons,
Always reasons, and good ones too.
At least they seemed so,
Seemed so at the time.

What say we wipe the slate clear,
A Tabula Rasa as it were.
We’ll hug awkwardly,
Like old friends, long parted
Sighing over misdeeds of the past.

I missed you, God.

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